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Fellowship Activities

The Fellowship is a Social Club for People with Disabilities of all ages, from eighteen years plus, our activities give the Fellowship members an opportunity to meet like-minded people and have an involvement in the Fellowships Fundraising Activities.

To enable us to raise some funds we have our Annual Activities which encourage more participation from all of our members and we have a very active Social Events calendar throughout the year.

The Fellowship come together at least once a month on the second Thursday, for our monthly Social Club meeting, these are some of our Activities from throughout the year.

Annual Lunch – January

Theatre – Pantomime

Monthly Club Meeting

Weekly Day Trips

Summer Holiday

Turkey & Tinsel

Christmas Draw

Christmas Lunch


The Fellowship is very much a part of the Community and all our Fund Raising Activities include a Social Element which is important to our members as it makes the events fun and a chance to meet other members of the Fellowship.

Grants, donations, legacies and continuous fundraising generate part of the Fellowship’s income, but there is always a continual need to fundraise for the Fellowship Minibus as the transport is an important part of enabling the Fellowship members to participate and be involved in the Activities.

“Help Us to Help Ourselves”

P&DDF Collection Bucket

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you’d like to get involved or understand more about the Fellowship, please contact us.


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